Like every year, Rainer Zinow (Please Product Development ByDesign and Business One) broadcasts a video on what has been accomplished during the year on ByDesign, and what is in the roadmap for next year. 2020 is a promising year for ByD :

  •     The deployment of Fiori, a modern User Interface (UI) on a computer as well as on a mobile application.
  •     An ongoing investment in legislative and regulatory compliance (including human resources)
  •     The enrichment of the application platform available for ByDesign. Indeed, by using the SAP Cloud Platform in 2020 to develop add-ons / connectors / new products for the various SAP solutions (ByDesign, Business One, S4 Hana), integrators will be able to more easily transpose these developments from one SAP solution to another.
  •     The integration of various advanced demands on the portal influence that received many votes; such as the simplification of invoice management.



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