Ubister launches an international alliance: ACloudster

We are announcing the launch of an international alliance with other Cloud players in order to provide our customers with global coverage to accompany them in their development. The alliance is composed of SAP integrators located in Europe, Asia and North America. They all have expertise and a strong desire to develop their skills and offers in "SaaS Business Software" mode, aimed at SMEs and large companies.

In addition to strengthening international support for our customers, the alliance also aims to offer "SaaS philosophy" products, i.e. ready to use, affordable, with mutualisation.
Why an alliance?

  • Because we have the desire and the ability to use the expertise of other Best ByD-Integrators for each one of us to satisfy our customers as much as possible
  • In order to better support our customers and build loyalty, with a broader offer
  • Because we want to take advantage of the recent evolution of SAP's network policy, which simplifies relationships between business partners
  • Because we want to be an alternative to the big integrators


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