Quentin arrival, our COO : a new balance to offer relevant offers while maintaining a high level of satisfaction

Ubister is a company "born in the cloud" which, in 9 years, has completely developed a competence in a sector in very strong growth that is completely changing the world of business computing. When Ubister was born, the public management cloud represented 1.5% of the market. 9 years later it represents 23%. In the SAP ecosystem, the cloud is growing by 40% per year VS 2-3% for on-premise.

Customers who have tried cloud tools behave differently from traditional customers because the cloud is cheaper, scalable and offers faster responses. So customers are demanding, always looking for adapted solutions and are loyal if they get the right answers at the right time.

Ubister: N°1 in France for the ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies SAP Business ByDesign, which has been rewarded for several years by SAP for customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition. Ubister is known for adapting and anticipating market needs and changes. Since March 16, when Quentin Guillemin, our Operations Manager, joined the company, our balance has been based on three core functions:

  •     Bertrand De Beaumont, who heads the sales team, is attentive to the market, makes contact and welcomes new customers. He also has the important role of bringing Ubister's Design 4 packaged offers to the market.
  •     Anne-Claire Montaner, our Customer Engagement Manager, follows the evolution of our customers' needs and ensures that these needs are in line with Ubister's and its partners' offers. Anne-Claire has created the C2U platform, a meeting and exchange point between Ubister and its customers.
  •     Quentin Guillemin, operations manager, leads the team leading the initial installation and upgrade projects. He also makes available on the Ubistore the solutions that enrich the ERP base to meet the evolution needs of customers / the market, and provides tailor-made technical responses to customers.

To maintain this balance between relevant offers and high satisfaction, in an attractive performance/cost ratio, a strong synergy between this trio is necessary. Bertrand addresses markets for which the D4 packaged offers maintained by Quentin are relevant. Bertrand guides prospects who contact us by highlighting the value we can bring them, so that the initial contract is balanced. As they will be customers who are sure to find value in Ubister's offers and in the C2U customer community, Anne-Claire will be able to do a qualitative development of the installed base. Finally, Anne-Claire, listening to customers, is in regular contact with Quentin to study solutions that correspond to the needs expressed / to come.

This trio relies on Ubister's 2 partners: Pierre Guéguen for partnerships and relations with SAP, and Nathalie Sarrey for the skills and management of the consulting team.

With our vision of the market, we are convinced that the importance of marketing and market intelligence is such that we are looking for an experienced profile in marketing and communication to strengthen the team.

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