Edit ISAE 3402 report for 2019 for SAP ByDesign users

This ISAE 3402 report informs and reassures your clients about your internal control procedures for your service providers. It is delivered for the SAP ByDesign solution on a semi-annual basis.

If you wish to obtain these SAP ByDesign reports, please follow the procedure below:

  1.     Follow the links below to access the dedicated pages to make the report request
    •         For the first half of 2019: Click here
    •         For the second half of 2019: Click here
  2.   You must complete a report request form. To do this you'll need the following information:
    •         Your Customer ID. If you don't have it, send us an email to C2U.contact@ubister.fr to get it by clicking here.
    •         If you are an Ubister customer, the email of your SAP account executive at SAP ("SAP account executive email") is melanie.kilian@sap.com.
    •         If you are not an Ubister customer, please contact us or your contact at SAP to find out who your account manager is by clicking here.
    •         Warning: change the location to France (it is by default pointed to United Sates).

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